Is there a public Web API that I can use to test my calls? Maybe specifically for get requests? For example:

  • /async/takeslongtime : Tests how your application acts when you do an API call that takes a long time
  • /params/encoding?exactstring=!@# : Tests if you are encododing as %21%40%23
  • Something with path parameters maybe
  • Anything else I should bother testing for (multiple parameters, etc)

Or, what things did I not mention that I should test for?


Please find the url of the sample REST Service "http://httpbin.org/". Navigating to the endpoint display's all the available resources and its supported methods.

For Example:

  1. /delay/:n -> Helps you create the delay.
  2. /response-headers?key=val -> for testing encoding

It also provides endpoints that can be used for testing various other HTTP methods. This will mostly meet your requirements.

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