Is there a way to use custom icons with applescript display dialog and notifications?

In the AppleScript documentation it says about the display dialog:

with icon (text | integer)
The resource name or ID of the icon to display.

with icon (stop | note | caution) The type of icon to show. You may specify one of the following constants:

  • stop (or 0): Shows a stop icon
  • note (or 1): Shows the application icon
  • caution (or 2): Shows a warning icon, badged with the application icon

with icon (alias | file) An alias or file specifier that specifies a .icns file.

So it seams like you can use your own icons, but I cannot get the following code to work.

display dialog "Text" with icon "/Users/user/Desktop/asd.icns"

It gets me the following error: "Resource not found."

The goal is to not even use a display dialog, but a display notification instead.


First of all you can't display a custom icon with display notification. The reason is that notifications are strongly related to a target application. As AppleScript scripts and applets aren't applications in terms of the Notification framework, the notification is related to the current application, the AppleScript Runner.

But you can display a custom icon with display dialog

The line

with icon (alias | file) An alias or file specifier that specifies a .icns file.

means what it says: The parameter must be an alias or file specifier rather than a POSIX or HFS string path.


display dialog "Text" with icon alias ((path to desktop as text) & "asd.icns")


display dialog "Text" with icon file ((path to desktop as text) & "asd.icns")

path to desktop as text represents the HFS path to the desktop of the current user:

"Macintosh HD:Users:user:Desktop:"

  • this does not seem to work. And I think it will not work with notifications. – WalterBeiter Dec 20 '17 at 18:55
  • It does work and you are right, it works only with display dialog but not with display notification because the latter uses the AppleScript runner application as target and does not provide an icon parameter. – vadian Dec 20 '17 at 18:58

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