Right now I'm able to paste the formula from row X to row Y, however, the calculations in the formulas are the exact same. Say row 1 is A1+B1, the formula for row 5 should be A5+B5, but I'm still getting A1+B1.

for (var x = col; x < lastCol; x++) {
    for (var j = 2; j <= lastRow; j++) {
      var range = sheet.getRange(j,x);


Should I be using another function instead of setFormula or doing something else? I'm iterating over X amount of columns.


You can use new method autoFillToNeighbor introduced in October, 2017.

For example if you have three columns with just one formula in cell C2:

enter image description here

then you can autofill rest of C column just with one line of code:

function doTheMagic() {


enter image description here


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