I have a JavaScript project that is built with Webpack which I know has a lot of dead code files. How can I find source files that aren't used in the project?


There are a few plugins, but the UnusedFilesWebpackPlugin appears to be the most popular.

An example use is:

new UnusedFilesWebpackPlugin({
    failOnUnused: environment !== 'development',
    patterns: ['src/components/**/*.jsx', 'src/store/**/*.js', 'sass/**/*.scss'],
    ignore: ['**/LocalVideoDemo.jsx'],

This will check for unused JSX files in the components directory, unused JS files in the Redux store directory and unused SCSS files. It will ignore whether or not the LocalVideoDemo.jsx file is included.


Tried using various webpack plugins, but ran into out of memory issues with each plugin. I think the easiest solution for a create-react-app bootstrapped application is to use ESLint.

Use the no-unused-modules which is now a part of eslint-plugin-import.

After setting up eslint, installing eslint-plugin-import, add the following to the rules:

"rules: {
  "import/no-unused-modules": [1, {"unusedExports": true}]
  • This only checks for unused imports in a file, not for files that are not imported anywhere. – luislhl May 10 at 20:58
  • @luislhl did you read the description on the module? It does 2 things, and I quote: "Reports: (1) modules without any exports (2) individual exports not being statically imported or required from other modules in the same project." Your comment of "Files that are not imported anywhere" will fall under second category. Admittedly, the plugin is not perfect, but it's attempting to do exactly what you stated. – John Lee May 10 at 21:29
  • You are right @John Lee, sorry. I wasn't the one who downvoted you, though. – luislhl May 28 at 22:54
  • No problem @luislhl. 8-) – John Lee May 28 at 23:17

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