I'm using Autofac in my WebApi project and till now everything has worked fine. For example, I register:

builder.Register(x => new LogService())
    .As<ILogService>().Exported(x => x.As<ILogService>()).SingleInstance();


The above works like charm. Note the Exported.

However, now I added MEF so that I can implement a plugin architecture. I've also added Autofac.Mef so that I can export types registered in Autofac back to MEF.

So to the above Autofac config, I've also added:

    .Exported(x => x.As<IImportFactory>())

This factory class just gives me various services that I need depending on the import type (eg. customers, products, etc). These services are all registered as InstancePerRequest. The factory class looks like this:

public class ImportFactory : BaseService, IImportFactory
    public ImportFactory(ILogService logService, IUnitOfWork unitOfWork) 
        : base(logService, unitOfWork) { }

And the plugins look like this:

public class ImportCustomers : ImportPlugin, IImportPlugin
    private ICustomerService customerService;

    public ImportCustomers(ILogService logService, IImportFactory importFactory)
        : base()
        this.logService = logService;
        this.importFactory = importFactory;

Each plugin has a module which allows it to register in Autofac:

public class AutofacModule : Module
    protected override void Load(ContainerBuilder builder)
            .Exported(x => x.As<IImportPlugin>())

Furthermore, from within my controller I start my import job in a separate thread as follows:

public class ImportController : BaseController
    private readonly IComponentContext componentContext;

    public ImportController(IComponentContext componentContext, ILogService logService) 
        : base(logService)
        this.componentContext = componentContext;

    public IHttpActionResult Start()
        var config = componentContext.Resolve<IPluginConfig>();
        var plugins = config.ImportPlugins;

        HostingEnvironment.QueueBackgroundWorkItem(ct =>
            plugins.First().Import(); //Just to test

        return Ok();

However now I have a mixture of scopes when Autofac injects dependencies because I get the following error

Unable to resolve the type 'App.Common.Logging.LogService' because the lifetime scope it belongs in can't be located. The following services are exposed by this registration: - App.Common.Logging.ILogService

Details ---> No scope with a tag matching 'AutofacWebRequest' is visible from the scope in which the instance was requested.

If you see this during execution of a web application, it generally indicates that a component registered as per-HTTP request is being requested by a SingleInstance() component (or a similar scenario). Under the web integration always request dependencies from the dependency resolver or the request lifetime scope, never from the container itself. (See inner exception for details.)

If all types are registered as InstancePerLifetimeScope then everything works fine, ie Autofac injects dependencies as expected. However the problem lies when types have different scopes. This is because, for example, ImportFactory is InstancePerLifetimeScope and it has a dependency on IUnitOfWork which is InstancePerRequest.

What is the correct registration so that dependencies can be injected correctly without using a secondary container and service location? Would a local scope do the trick?

  • Have you read the docs? Autofac.Mef brings MEF components into Autofac, not the other way around. – Travis Illig Dec 22 '17 at 3:28
  • @TravisIllig Yes I've read them and I've nearly managed to get it working. I'm adding an Autofac module in every MEF plugin which allows it to register its type with the container. The problem I have is related to different scopes and I can't solve it as the code stands. – Ivan-Mark Debono Dec 22 '17 at 6:37
  • @TravisIllig If all types are registered as InstancePerLifetimeScope then it works. However I don't think this is the correct solution as I'd rather have SingleInstance on the ILogService and InstancePerRequest on the unit of work and all services. – Ivan-Mark Debono Dec 22 '17 at 6:46
  • 1
    "I've also added Autofac.Mef so that I can export types registered in Autofac back to MEF." This is where I'm getting hung up. You're going to have bad times trying to go this way. Also, have you tried doing the plugins import thing not inside QueueBackgroundWorkItem? Separate thread means "may execute outside the current request," right? – Travis Illig Dec 22 '17 at 13:02
  • In the controller, what is componentContext? Why service location instead of DI? (Update the code and the question to explain.) – Travis Illig Dec 22 '17 at 13:03

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