In the context of JBoss and Wildfly, what's the difference between a module and a subsystem?


Jboss modules is a class loading system:

JBoss Modules is a standalone implementation of a modular (non-hierarchical) class loading and execution environment for Java. In other words, rather than a single class loader which loads all JARs into a flat class path, each library becomes a module which only links against the exact modules it depends on, and nothing more. It implements a thread-safe, fast, and highly concurrent delegating class loader model, coupled to an extensible module resolution system, which combine to form a unique, simple and powerful system for application execution and distribution. Guide for Class Loading in WildFly

Subsystems are the groups of customizable features of Jboss:

The EE subsystem provides common functionality in the Java EE platform, such as the EE Concurrency Utilities (JSR 236) and @Resource injection. The subsystem is also responsible for managing the lifecycle of Java EE application's deployments, that is, .ear files. The EE subsystem configuration may be used to: customise the deployment of Java EE applications, create EE Concurrency Utilities instances, define the default bindings Guide for subsystem configuration

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