I'm using typescript in my react-native project(expo).

The project uses react-navigation, so on my screens I can set navigationOptions and I have access to the prop navigation.

Now I'm trying to strongly type these so I get hints for what properties are available to set.

interface NavStateParams {
    someValue: string

interface Props extends NavigationScreenProps<NavStateParams> {
   color: string

class Screen extends React.Component<Props, any> {
    // This works fine
    static navigationOptions: NavigationStackScreenOptions = {
        title: 'ScreenTitle'
    // Does not work
    static navigationOptions: NavigationStackScreenOptions = ({navigation, screenProps }) => ({
        title: navigation.state.params.someValue

What would be the best way to handle react-navigation as props for components.

Just add NavigationType to your Props, like this:

    import { StackNavigator, NavigationScreenProp } from 'react-navigation';

    export interface HomeScreenProps {
      navigation: NavigationScreenProp<any,any>

    export class HomeScreen extends React.Component<HomeScreenProps, object> {

      render() {
        return (
          <View style={styles.container}>       
              title="Go to Details"
              onPress={() => this.props.navigation.navigate('Details')}
  • But then I would have to provide the navigation props if I were to import the HomeScreen component from other components(say, App.tsx). How can I avoid it? – Searene Jul 30 at 0:41
  • In your top component, use the withNavigation function to supply these props reactnavigation.org/docs/en/with-navigation.html – Andrej Kyselica Aug 1 at 16:20
  • I haven't figured out a way to use withNavigation with typescript, either, because it also requires an extra navigation prop. I have another question about it. stackoverflow.com/questions/51585890/… – Searene Aug 2 at 3:58
  • All this does is provide types for props.navigation within instance methods, which was already achieved in the original question. The question is asking 1) How to get types for navigation within the navigationOptions static method, and 2) How to get types for the parameters that are available in the navigation state. – collinksmith Aug 31 at 0:03

I have same issue, and here's my solution:

import * as React from 'react'
import { NavigationScreenProps, NavigationStackScreenOptions } from 'react-navigation'

interface NavStateParams {
  someValue: string

// tslint:disable-next-line:no-any
type NavigationOptionsFn<TParams=any> = (props: NavigationScreenProps<TParams>) => NavigationStackScreenOptions

class Screen extends React.Component {
  // This should works fine
  static navigationOptions: NavigationOptionsFn<NavStateParams> = ({ navigation, screenProps }) => ({
    title: navigation.state.params.someValue

You may want to declare NavigationOptionsFn<TParams> type into some d.ts file to make it work globally.

This works:

static navigationOptions = ({ navigation }: NavigationScreenProps) => ({

This seems to work:

public static navigationOptions: NavigationScreenOptionsGetter<
> = (navigation, stateProps) => ({
  title: navigation.state.params.someValue,
public static navigationOptions: NavigationScreenConfig<NavigationStackScreenOptions> = 
    ({navigation}) => ({/* Your options... */})
 yarn add --dev @types/jest @types/react-navigation

import { NavigationScreenProps } from "react-navigation";

export interface ISignInProps extends NavigationScreenProps<{}> { userStore: IUserStore }

export class SignInScreen extends React.Component { .... }

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