I have a string /sample/data. When I split using split I get the following result,


I want to ignore the empty string(s). So I tried the following code,

"/sample/data".split('/').findAll(it != "")

It gives me an error "cannot call String[] findAll with argument bool".

How can I split and get a List without empty string in it?

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    Use curly braces, not parens. The findAll method expects a closure. – Nathan Hughes Dec 22 '17 at 5:09

You can do as below:

println "/sample/data".split('/').findAll {it}

findAll {it} would fetch all the non empty values.


split method returns array. If you need List, use tokenize


also you don't need to use findAll in this case.


Parens would work (see comments on question). So your solution is already close:


Because most of the Groovy functions have a zero arity, which will call the function with an identity closure. And since an empty string is considered falsey, this will filter them out.

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