given a table layout panel with 2 columns and many rows, how can i attatch a scroll bar to it as sometimes it grows much greater than the size of the form .

Thank you


The TableLayoutPanel is an example of a ScrollableControl. You can therefore set it's AutoScroll property to True and the control will automatically create scroll bars when it's preferred size exceeds its current size. This will provide you with the desired effect with minimal hassle.


  1. Set the MaximumSize property to a preferred maximum size or you can dock the TableLayoutPanel in your form.
  2. Set the AutoScroll property of the TableLayoutPanel to true.

The Panel, ToolStrip, FlowLayoutPanel, SplitterPanel, TableLayoutPanel, TabPage and ToolStripContentPanel all inherit the ScrollableControl class so this answer applies to them as well.

  • not working until set the AutoScrollMinSize property. – sendreams Jun 22 '17 at 11:13
  • @sendreams: Can you provide details on the specific case in which you experienced this? To my best of knowledge, simply setting the MaximumSize and enabling AutoScroll as I explained above is all that's needed. – Alex Essilfie Jun 25 '17 at 9:50

For shortcut :

tableLayoutPanel1.MaximumSize = new Size(tableLayoutPanel1.Width, tableLayoutPanel1.Height);
tableLayoutPanel1.AutoScroll = true;

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