Good day! I write a windows service, which detects USB Flash drive connection and do something with connected drive. And now after tests i need to reprocess devices after wake up from sleep mode. I solve this problem when service work as windows program. To solve i additionally process DBT_DEVNODES_CHANGED, but service don't receive this message, it receives only DBT_DEVICE_ARRIVAL and DBT_DEVICEREMOVECOMPLETE. I also tried to check all messages handled by service except SERVICE_CONTROL_DEVICEEVENT and SERVICE_CONTROL_STOP when system is going to sleep and i don't get any message.

How can I determine when the system is waking up?


A normal application receives a WM_POWERBROADCAST:PBT_APMRESUMEAUTOMATIC window message, but a service will not get this message if it does not have a window. However, a service can receive SERVICE_CONTROL_POWEREVENT in its HandlerEx callback function, with the same parameters as WM_POWERBROADCAST

Notifies a service of system power events. The dwEventType parameter contains additional information. If dwEventType is PBT_POWERSETTINGCHANGE, the lpEventData parameter also contains additional information.

On Windows 8 and later, you can also use the PowerRegisterSuspendResumeNotification() function:

Registers to receive notification when the system is suspended or resumed.


Notifies a service of device events. (The service must have registered to receive these notifications using the RegisterDeviceNotification function.) The dwEventType and lpEventData parameters contain additional information.

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  • Thank you, i process SERVICE_CONTROL_DEVICEEVENT. I will do more test at monday, but i don't get SERVICE_CONTROL_POWEREVETN and don't know why.. – drem1lin Dec 24 '17 at 10:24
  • You a right, but and i and you forget one little thing. It is necessary add SERVICE_ACCEPT_POWERBROADCAST to call SetServiceStatus – drem1lin Dec 25 '17 at 10:22
  • Hi @Anders, My windows service target version is Windows Xp. Is there any alternate way to detect wake up from sleep? – Arjun Natarajan Jan 7 '20 at 7:26
  • @ArjunNatarajan Does SERVICE_CONTROL_POWEREVENT not work? – Anders Jan 8 '20 at 1:33
  • Hi @Anders, my service is able to capture the SERVICE_CONTROL_POWEREVENT but I particularly need to detect system resume state. The lpEventData in the service handler method can hold the POWERBROADCAST_SETTING structure unfortunately, the min.supported client is Windows Vista [desktop apps only] which I can't able to use it in mine. Any other alternative solutions would be very helpful. – Arjun Natarajan Jan 8 '20 at 7:34

The best way to detect that system is waking up is process power messages. Windows must process WM_POWERBROADCAST Services must add SERVICE_ACCEPT_POWEREVENT to last call to SetServiceStatus and process SERVICE_CONTROL_POWEREVENT

My error was very stupid. I forget to add SERVICE_ACCEPT_POWEREVENT.

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