I want to use Visual Studio Code as my main IDE, but I want to compile my code with IAR's compiler.

How could I configure VSCode ?

I found this extension but the documentation is too poor.


What I did is setting some environment variables in settings.json; then in tasks.json I created shell tasks that call the IarBuild.exe & IarIdePm.exe with appropriate values (see the documentation on the command line options)...

So now, I can use VSCode for navigation & editing, but the compilation is done by the EWARM.

The only thing that I haven't figure out yet is how to make C-Spy work from within VSCode...

Currently when I want to debug, I just launch the EWARM and debug from there...

here is a screenshot:Screenshot of settings.json and tasks.json

  • Is there an update to the C-Spy problem ? I am currently stuck there too. – Michael Dec 2 '20 at 9:12
  • 1
    Nope... There is a technical note on IAR's web site regarding the VSCode. There they mentioned that currently there is no support for C-Spy. – Jordan Basheski Dec 3 '20 at 12:06

Yes, the extension politoleo.iar is indeed NOT good.

-> I found a better one (will try it in future by myself):

Enjoy it !


For this, you can port you project to the custom build system (non iarbuild), e.g. a best choose is the Qbs. The Qbs support a lot of architectures and the toolchains (include IAR, KEIL and so on). In this case you can then use any IDE which support the Qbs, e.g. such as VSCode or QtCreator, and to open your project in any of these IDEs.

Both IDEs support only the GDB debugging, because the C-Spy debuger is a proptietary technology, which has not the public datasheets.

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