I'm taking the coursera scala course. I downloaded the sample project, but I can not compile it. Giving me error when I run the console command.


name := course.value + "-" + assignment.value

scalaVersion := "2.12.4"

scalacOptions ++= Seq("-deprecation")

// grading libraries
libraryDependencies += "junit" % "junit" % "4.10" % Test

// for funsets
libraryDependencies += "org.scala-lang.modules" %% "scala-parser-combinators" % "1.0.4"

resolvers += "Artima Maven Repository" at "http://repo.artima.com/releases"

// include the common dir
commonSourcePackages += "common"

courseId := "bRPXgjY9EeW6RApRXdjJPw"


> console
[info] Updating root
[info] Resolved root dependencies
[trace] Stack trace suppressed: run last *:coursierResolution for the full output.
[error] (*:coursierResolution) coursier.ResolutionException: Encountered 1 error(s) in dependency resolution:
[error]   org.scalatest:scalatest_2.12:2.2.4:
[error]     not found:
[error]       /Users/joaonobre/.ivy2/local/org.scalatest/scalatest_2.12/2.2.4/ivys/ivy.xml
[error]       /Users/joaonobre/.sbt/preloaded/org.scalatest/scalatest_2.12/2.2.4/ivys/ivy.xml
[error]       /Users/joaonobre/.sbt/preloaded/org/scalatest/scalatest_2.12/2.2.4/scalatest_2.12-2.2.4.pom
[error]       https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/scalatest/scalatest_2.12/2.2.4/scalatest_2.12-2.2.4.pom
[error]       http://repo.artima.com/releases/org/scalatest/scalatest_2.12/2.2.4/scalatest_2.12-2.2.4.pom
[error] Total time: 1 s, completed Dec 22, 2017 4:16:17 PM

scala -version
Scala code runner version 2.12.4 -- Copyright 2002-2017, LAMP/EPFL and Lightbend, Inc.

Any idea how to fix it?


  • Are you sure that the course uses Scala 2.12? The error tell you, that it cannot resolve dependency on scalatest-2.2.4 for Scala 2.12 (probably because only scalatest-3.+ is available for 2.12). At the same time you're using junit. So please provide a link to the course, then I can check what are differences with the official setup instructions. Dec 24, 2017 at 14:31

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As suggested by @laughedelic, Scala 2.12 does not have scalatest-2.2.4. As a result, sbt cannot find the related scalatest pom file. You can pick any of the versions mentioned here.

For instance, try changing scalaTestDependency version to 3.0.5 in the CommonBuild.scala file

lazy val scalaTestDependency = "org.scalatest" %% "scalatest" % "3.0.5"

Here is the course link (Practice Programming Assignment of Week1)

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