Does any know how to run EF core command on a server with VS 2017.

I have SDK 2.0.3 installed on the server.

I ran this command from source code folder:

dotnet exec --depsfile auth.deps.json --runtimeconfig auth.runtimeconfig.json ef.dll migrations list --assembly auth.dll

and got this error:

No project was found. Change the current working directory or use the --project option.


Try this:

Copy the content this files

  • ef.dll
  • ef.runtimeconfig.json


C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk\NuGetFallbackFolder\microsoft.entityframeworkcore.tools.dotnet\2.0.0\tools\netcoreapp2.0

to your source files, open command prompt in admin mode, point to you source file folder and run your command again

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