I started to develop a web GIS project about one years ago. i need to show some cars on web Pages . base on i decided to use ArcGis as GIS Server. at now i need learn dojo an arcGis javascript api. where I can start leraning ?

  • i think i should ask this question in gis.stackexchange.com.. – Mahsa Manami Dec 23 '17 at 9:28

if you want to develop an AVL ,you had to consider some matters. at fist you should determine location of your data for example data of cars come form a socket or exist on a database base on you need to setup server side project to send the cars data to client then you must select some client library. i suggest you to use the arc gis javascript api beacuse it has lots of samples to show and animate the elements on map. therefor you had to learn dojo an javascript that esri provide a learning center for that here you can find many samples enter link description here

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