I want to store images on the users computer, so I figure it should be stored in users data folder, as described here.


name. Returns String - A path to a special directory or file associated with name. On failure an Error is thrown. You can request the following paths by the name:

  • home User's home directory
  • appData Per-user application data directory, which by default points to:

    %APPDATA% on Windows $XDG_CONFIG_HOME or ~/.config on Linux ~/Library/Application Support on macOS

  • userData The directory for storing your app's configuration files, which by default it is the appData directory appended with your app's name.

  • ...

This is what I think you're supposed to do:

const app = require('electron');

But I get "getPath is not a function". I am not sure where to put it. It does not work from my html file or the renderer file, and I'm not sure how to use it from the main file because that's not linked to the web page.

  • const app = require('electron').app I guess? – OJ Kwon Dec 24 '17 at 2:33
  • or perhaps const {app} = require('electron') – Teak Dec 24 '17 at 3:35

Figured it out thanks to this

const remote = require('electron').remote;
const app = remote.app;

Here is what I use when I need to switch between dev and release

const electron = require('electron');
export const userDataPath = (electron.app || electron.remote.app).getPath(
  • This is better than stackers' answer imo because this also works when the remote didn't get initialized yet. – Sv443 Dec 5 at 10:18

Another way to prevent the error "getPath is not a function" is to make the code work both in the renderer process and the main process:

const electron = require('electron');

const configDir =  (electron.app || electron.remote.app).getPath('userData');

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