I am using .NET Core 2.0. I created an F# console app. In Program.fs I put the Suave WebSocket example code.

Everything compiles except for line 84:

path "/websocketWithSubprotocol" >=> handShakeWithSubprotocol (chooseSubprotocol "test") ws

I get this error

error FS0039: The value or constructor 'handShakeWithSubprotocol' is not defined. Maybe you want one of the following:↔   handShakeResponse↔   handShake

I searched the Suave source code and I found handShakeWithSubprotocol in WebSocket.fs. So I think this should be accessible, but the compiler doesn't think so.

What could be going wrong?

You can see all of my code here.

I think I figured this out.

handShakeWithSubprotocol is not in v 2.2.1 which is the version of Suave I am using. Looks like it was added 4 months ago according to blame.

Link to the source code tagged v2.2.1

Looks like it's not in 2.3.0-beta either., but there is a pull request saying it might make it into 2.3.0.

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