I installed jquery(3.2.1) and jquery-ui-dist(1.12.1) via npm. (they're not included as script tags in html)

In client script I use:

window.$ = require('jquery');// plain jQuery stuff works fine
import 'jquery-ui-dist';     // breaks whole jQuery, with Error (missing module 8)
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I encountered similar issues today with an angularjs app & parcel-bundler. It seems that parcel doesn't handle well (for now?) global variables introduced in external modules. Amongst other issues.

One way to go about it; you can use plain requires instead of imports like so:

var jquery = require("jquery");
window.$ = window.jQuery = jquery; // notice the definition of global variables here

$(function() {

If you insist on using imports, you should create a separate file, call it for example import-jquery.js with the following content:

import jquery from "jquery";

export default (window.$ = window.jQuery = jquery);

and import it in your main file:

import "./import-jquery";
import "jquery-ui-dist/jquery-ui.js";

$(function() {

I do hope we'll have better support of this in the near future.

  • I tried both ways and both worked, thanks a lot! Btw, is there any common name this multiple assignment (window.$ = window.jQuery = jquery) is called so I can read a bit about it? Seems to me like good side effect of this answer:) – okram Dec 27 '17 at 20:17
  • @okram look for « chained assignments javascript ». There’s a small paragraph on this on mdn. – dark-marouane Dec 28 '17 at 22:59
  • great, thanks again. – okram Dec 29 '17 at 12:17

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