I am using the core commerce extension. I created the product and wanted to add the product to the cart programmatically by using the productID.


This works for me

    $pr = CoreCommerceProduct::getByID(10); //id of product
    $cart = CoreCommerceCurrentOrder::get();

    // add the product to the cart
    $pr = $cart->addProduct($pr, $qty);

    $eventResult = Events::fire('core_commerce_add_to_cart', $cart, $pr, $qty);

    // append attributes to order product
    $attribs = $pr->getProductConfigurableAttributes();
    foreach ($attribs as $at) {


    // decide wether to increment quantity or add additional line item
    if ($other = $cart->orderContainsOtherProduct($pr)) {
        if (!$other->productIsPhysicalGood()) {
            $newQuant = 1;
        } else {
            $newQuant = $other->getQuantity() + $qty;

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