I'm trying to build a lung cancer detection system using Kaggle lung cancer data set. The main idea is to use Very deep neural network such as using Inception model. I was thinking of using Inception model but seemed it is not an easy task.

Inception and other networks trained on ImageNet expect 2D RGB images as inputs.

Therefore I need to adjust my data accordingly.

Here is the shape of my current data

much_data = np.load('../../CT_SCAN_IMAGE_SET/muchdata-50-50-20.npy')
print ('Image 0',much_data[0][0].shape)
print ('Image 1',much_data[1][0].shape)
print ('Image 2',much_data[2][0].shape)

And here is the output.

Image 0 (128, 512, 512)
Image 1 (133, 512, 512)
Image 2 (110, 512, 512)

For an example, Image 0 (128, 512, 512)

128 is the number of slices of lung for a patient and 512,512 is the number of pixels of each slice. So this is a 3D array.

But I found a code which generates a Inception model for MNIST data set and its input images shape was like only (60000, 28, 28) used for 28*28 pixeled data for 60000 images.

Can anyone suggest me how I can use my existing data to use for the inception model. Do I need to convert them to a 2D array?

or any other approach that I need to follow?

Please help

  • Are you sure it's a good idea to use a pretrained network, trained on very very different images (different channels alone sounds very problematic)? – sascha Dec 26 '17 at 1:39
  • Hi Sasha... Can't I train Inception model from the scratch? – user3789200 Dec 26 '17 at 1:52
  • Sure you can. But better have millions of samples, many GPUs and you also should modify this network if it's build for RGB, while your data is not. – sascha Dec 26 '17 at 1:56
  • I understand... with the limited amount of data seems this is impossible. – user3789200 Dec 26 '17 at 2:02

Why do you want to consider patient separately? I mean that you can insert all images to network with a tensor (371,512,512) for all 3 patients. Because your network have to be trained to find nodule from each image individually. Also you can get an additional label to or just a tag to trace images related to each patients.

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