According to pandas doc for 0.21+, pandas.read_excel has a parameter sheet_name that allows specifying which sheet is read. But when I am trying to read the second sheet from an excel file, no matter how I set the parameter (sheet_name = 1, sheet_name = 'Sheet2'), the dataframe always shows the first sheet, and passing a list of indices (sheet_name = [0, 1]) does not return a dictionary of dataframes but still the first sheet. What might be the problem here?

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    I had the same problem which was resolved after upgrading to 0.21
    – ayhan
    Dec 26, 2017 at 8:30

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It looks like you're using the old version of Python. So try to change your code

df = pd.read_excel(file_with_data, sheetname=sheet_with_data)

It should work properly.

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    check your version of pandas pd.__version__ If .21 or newer, use sheet_name keyword parameter. If older version, use sheetname pandas.read_excel Dec 30, 2018 at 17:49

You can try to use pd.ExcelFile:

xls = pd.ExcelFile('path_to_file.xls')
df1 = pd.read_excel(xls, 'Sheet1')
df2 = pd.read_excel(xls, 'Sheet2')

This works:

df = pd.read_excel(open(file_path_name), 'rb'), sheetname = sheet_name)

file_path_name = your file
sheet_name = your sheet name

This does not for me:

df = pd.read_excel(open(file_path_name), 'rb'), sheet_name = sheet_name)

Gave me only the first sheet, no matter how I defined sheet_name.

--> it is an known error: https://github.com/pandas-dev/pandas/issues/17107


Try at Terminal, type the following first, then re-run your program: pip install xlrd

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