I have JSON key which will have any one the below data.

1.{"value": "ve"}

2.{"value": ["ve","ff"]}

3.{"value": [1,2]}

4.{"value": 3}

How to unmarshal into a golang's struct?


The easiest way is to just use interface{} in your struct. See:

package main

import (

type decoded struct {
    Value interface{}       `json:"value"`

func decode(jstr string) {
    var val decoded
    json.Unmarshal([]byte(jstr), &val)
    fmt.Printf("%v\n", val.Value)

func main() {
    decode(`{"value": "ve"}`)
    decode(`{"value": ["ve","ff"]}`)
    decode(`{"value": [1,2]}`)
    decode(`{"value": 3}`)

You'll probably need to combine this with stuff in the reflect package or (as I did above) fmt.Sprintf() or similar to actually get at your data. This is, however, good enough to decode and put in a structure:

$ ./spike 
[ve ff]
[1 2]
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