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I want to build a .net core project on Windows and Linux.

For Windows I use MSBuild, simply downloaded the Build Tools für Visual Studio 2017 from visualstudio.com.

But where do I get MSBuild for Linux from? Based on the GitHub Project site, it should be available on some Linux distributions (README.md). I do not want to compile it myself (for some reasons).

I do not want to use xbuild, but pure MSBuild.

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You can obtain .NET Core SDK as described in these URLs.
It is divided for each linux distribution.



.NET Downloads for Linux, macOS, and Windows
Select the tab for the desired OS and then download.


Getting .Net Core MSBuild binaries without building the code
The best way to get .NET Core MSBuild is by installing the .NET Core SDK, which redistributes us. This will get you the latest released version of MSBuild for .NET Core. After installing it, you can use MSBuild through dotnet build or by manual invocation of the MSBuild.dll in the dotnet distribution.

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