I have a component called ListComponent and I have the following code in it.

  @HostListener("document:keydown", ["$event"])
  handleKeyEvent(event: KeyboardEvent) {
    switch(event.keyCode) {
      case 38: //up arrow
      case 40: //down arrow

When I press up arrow or down arrow key, event fires for all instances of the component on a page. How can I fire the event only for the focused element?

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I think it's better to create a directive and call it in the element to focus.

    selector: 'focusItem', 

  export class MyDirective {
    constructor() { }
    @HostListener('focus', ['$event.target'])
      onFocus(target) {
        console.log("Focus called 1");

call it in the element

<input focusItem>  

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