Tests go on even if one of the soft asserts fails. But in my case my test stops after a failed soft assert because next test element can't be found.

softAssert.assertTrue(p.OtsPage.fName().getAttribute("readonly").equals("true"), "field Name is Editable", "field Name is Read Only");
softAssert.assertTrue(p.OtsPage.fEditValue().isEnabled(), "field Edit Value is not Editable", "field Edit Value is Editable");

This works correctly, but if I set:

softAssert.assertFalse(p.OtsPage.fName().getAttribute("readonly").equals("true"), "field Name is Editable", "field Name is Read Only");
softAssert.assertFalse(p.OtsPage.fEditValue().isEnabled(), "field Edit Value is not Editable", "field Edit Value is Editable");

I have the following error message:

org.openqa.selenium.NoSuchElementException. For second soft assert!!!

and tests stop.

Environment: Selenium 3.5 + geckodriver + Mozilla 56.0.1.


This looks like not a problem with assertion, because as you mentioned second line is running but it throws exception. Your issue is probably here: p.OtsPage.fEditValue().isEnabled().

To be more precise: NoSuchElementException is thrown by WebDriver.findElement(By) according to docs.

You probably run findElement() in your fEditValue() function and you should search for issue there. Ensure that element denoted by selector in this function is really present on page in moment when you run it.

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