I am trying to integrate ejabbered with django api. I am unable to understand which package to use. Can any one tell me the steps to integrate jabbered with django user table. I also want to know its flow to establish chat in app end. I am unable to figure out the package to use in django for xmpp.

Any help will be appreciated. I know that i have to include the ejabbered password and username in user table.


ejabberd allows to do handle authentication by an external script (extauth). There's a third-party Django app (django-ejabberd-bridge) which uses that mechanism to be able to use Django's user database for ejabberd authentication. That's what you're looking for. To quote from its README:

It's a django app to integrate ejabberd XMPP server with Django

Right now it just allows the ejabberd service to perform authentication against Django's authentication middleware.

The README also contains detailed steps how to set it up.

  • django-ejabberd-bridge will just install ejabberd application. I need to connect it with my django api and then create a new ejabberd user in signup api then register this user in ejabberd , to setup chat. Django ejabbered bridge is not telling anything about how to register a new user in ejabbered. I also need to get its jabbered id – Rishabh Pandey Dec 29 '17 at 15:31
  • Please read what django-ejabberd-bridge does. You don't need to somehow create the users in ejabberd as ejabberd will use Djangos database to get the user information from. – Dunedan Dec 29 '17 at 17:59

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