I have an application which I suspect that is using a lot of my network data, without making it clear.

I'd like to inspect the HTTP requisitions that are being made, is that even possible?

I've searched a lot but all I've found is LAN monitoring apps (which has nothing to do with what i want).


I stumbled upon your question while searching for a way to see all internet traffic generated by any app installed on my iOS 13.1.3 device.

I am not sure if you ever got an answer to your question, it's been almost two years ago since you put it out there. However, I thought I would at least offer you the following suggestion just in case you were still in need of an answer.

I found an answer my question that worked extremely well for me and allowed me to see everything my app (and all other apps for that matter) were sending and receiving "under the hood of my device" in relation to HTTP request.

An application called Burp Suite Community Edition provided a proxy server I could install on my Mac and it also provided me with an up to date CA certificate to install onto my iOS device.

Burp Suite, once setup and properly configured, re-routes all incoming and outgoing HTTP and HTTPS request through the software. This action allowed me to view all the traffic and verify the data being requested or received from my app was already secure long before it hits the server.

I could see exactly how the data was sent before https encryption as well as any replies sent from the server just after decryption.

I am not one to talk up software but I was genuinely impressed with the way this software took care of my problem. I had no idea how much traffic was generated from just one device.

I was even able to find where unencrypted data was being sent from another application on my device which should not have been doing so and promptly shut that down.

- Here is a link to the site where you will find the version of the software you may need

- and Here is where you can find the directions to install the proxy and the certificate on an iOS device

My suggestion is that you follow the instructions for installing the CA Certificate carefully as this is crucial for getting the server to work properly.

I somehow skipped over the part where you go back into Settings > General > About > Certificate Trust Settings after installing the certificate and wasted hours trying to figure out why my Certificate was not being trusted.

I hope this helps you or at least anyone else who finds this question.



Cant you check that under your app settings? Or data usage? Reset to default values and then start your app and monitor how much is been used. Then try without starting the app. Compare and contrast

  • To measure data usage i can do it. But i'd like to know more about what is happening under the hood, and why is it making those requisitions. – Artur Haddad Dec 27 '17 at 18:08
  • Unless its open code you may struggle – user3236169 Dec 27 '17 at 18:39

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