I've lots of string values containing single quotes which I need to insert to a column in REDSHIFT table. I used both /' and '' to escape the single quote in INSERT statement.


INSERT INTO table_Temp
    VALUES ('1234', 'O\'Niel'), ('3456', 'O\'Brien')

I also used '' instead of \' but it keeps giving me error that "VALUES list must of same length" i.e. no: of arguments for each record >2.

Can you let know how to have this issue resolved?

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The standard in SQL is double single quotes:

INSERT INTO table_Temp (col1, col2)  -- include the column names
    VALUES ('1234', 'O''Niel'), ('3456', 'O''Brien');

You should also include the column names corresponding to the values being inserted. That is probably the cause of your second error.

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    The table only has 2 columns and both are VAR CHAR. I've tried with double single quotes as well. It's not working. Dec 28, 2017 at 0:58
  • @stack_pointerisEXTINCT . . . This is quite strange. Are you sure you are using the "simple" single quote and not some fancier character? Dec 28, 2017 at 1:57
  • I noticed a different problem was there because of commas used within the names and it was a CSV file. Dec 28, 2017 at 23:57

You could use CHR(39) and concat the strings. Your name would look like below:

  ('O' || CHR(39)||'Brian')

I think it may depend on your environment. I'm using Periscope Data's redshift SQL editor, and \ worked as an escape character. '' and \\ did not work.


I was facing similar problem , I was needing send a kind of JSON structure to then decode it into my query but there was a program receiving my string and this program was escaping my escapes, so the query fails, finally I found this : Put $$ in dollar-quoted string in PostgreSQL mentioning quote_literal(42.5) https://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/functions-string.html#FUNCTIONS-STRING-OTHER This resolves my issue . an example String is
'LocalTime={US/Central}; NumDays={1}; NumRows={3}; F_ID={[Apple, Orange, Bannana]}'

   Param, value , replace(quote_literal(replace(replace(Value,'[',''),']','')),',',quote_literal(',')) ValueList 
    FROM (
        SPLIT_PART(split,'=',1) as Param,
        replace( replace(SPLIT_PART(split,'=',2),'{',''),'}','') as Value
            trim(split_part(freeform.txt, ';', number.n)) as split 
        (   select 
            'LocalTime={US/Central}; NumDays={1}; NumRows={3}; F_ID={[Apple, Orange, Bannana]}' as txt
        ) freeform,
        (   select 1 as n union all
            select 2 union all
            select 3 union all
            select 4 union all
            select 5 union all
            select 6 union all
            select 7 union all
            select 8 union all
            select 9 union all
            select 10
        ) number
        where split <> ''
    ) as MY_TMP
    ) as valuePart

use \\' to escape '

s = s.replace("'", "\\'")
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    This is not something you can do in Redshift.
    – szeitlin
    Jan 30, 2019 at 22:51

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