I'm getting this error: "Cannot Resolve symbol 'split' " for line

    rollSpriteSheet = new  TextureRegion.split(new Texture("ship.png"),Constants.SHIP_WIDTH_PIXEL,Constants.SHIP_HEIGHT_PIXEL);

I have declared TextureRegion too and in Message Gradle Build I'm getting:

Error:(35, 45) error: cannot find symbol class split

This is my code:

public class ShapexScreen extends InputAdapter implements Screen {
    public static final String TAG = ShapexScreen.class.getName();
    float x;
    float y;
    Animation[] rolls;
    TextureRegion[][] rollSpriteSheet;
    int roll;
    float stateTime; //statetime is adding delta time every frame
    Foflex game;

    public ShapexScreen(Foflex game){
        this.game = game;
        y = 15;
        x = Constants.SCREEN_WIDTH /2 - Constants.SCREEN_WIDTH /2;
        roll = 2; //roll 2 would be in middle
        rolls = new Animation[5]; //Five different roll states
        rollSpriteSheet = new  TextureRegion.split(new Texture("ship.png"),Constants.SHIP_WIDTH_PIXEL,Constants.SHIP_HEIGHT_PIXEL); //2d array to store the ship sprite sheet
        rolls[roll] = new Animation(Constants.ANIMATION_SPEED, rollSpriteSheet[0]);

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Defines a rectangular area of a texture. The coordinate system used has its origin in the upper left corner with the x-axis pointing to the right and the y axis pointing downwards.

Error:(35, 45) error: cannot find symbol class split

You should call this way

rollSpriteSheet = TextureRegion.split(new Texture("ship.png"),Constants.SHIP_WIDTH_PIXEL,Constants.SHIP_HEIGHT_PIXEL); 


public TextureRegion[][] split(int tileWidth,
                                int tileHeight)

Helper function to create tiles out of this TextureRegion starting from the top left corner going to the right and ending at the bottom right corner. Only complete tiles will be returned so if the region's width or height are not a multiple of the tile width and height not all of the region will be used. This will not work on texture regions returned form a TextureAtlas that either have whitespace removed or where flipped before the region is split.

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    It helped. Thank you.
    – Sukhdeep
    Dec 28, 2017 at 6:13

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