i use a lot developer Mode in odoo so i always have to go to config and set dev mode every time i need it is there any way to make this developper mode as default thank you so much

  • In official addons code or in web controller for backend pass ?debug=1
    – Tejas Tank
    Dec 30, 2017 at 10:50

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you can enable odoo dev mode very easy !

You can use a chrome extension called Odoo Debug:

Odoo Debug

Or a Firefox extension called Odoo Easy Debug:

Odoo Easy Debug



You don't need a chrome or firefox extension to activate and set the debug mode by default in Odoo. You can do something like the following code withing the Odoo framework. This is taken from this Odoo module and works at least in Odoo v8

  • Create a class with the settings values

    class DevelopmentToolsConfigSettings(models.TransientModel):
        _name = 'development_tools.config.settings'
        development_mode = fields.Boolean(
            string='Development mode as default',
            help='Set development mode by default'
        def get_default_values(self, values):
            return dict(
        def get_debug_mode(self):
            param = self._get_parameter('development_mode')
            if param:
                value = self._safe_eval(param.value, bool)
                value = self._defaults['development_mode']
            return value
        def _set_debug_mode(self):
            param = self._get_parameter('development_mode', force=True)
            param.value = unicode(self.development_mode)         
  • Override web.Home controller and add auto-debug mode behavior:

    from openerp.http import route, request, Controller, redirect_with_hash
    import openerp.addons.web.controllers.main as webmain
    from openerp.tools.translate import _
    from logging import getLogger
    import werkzeug
    _logger = getLogger(__name__)
    class Home(webmain.Home):
        def web_client(self, s_action=None, **kw):
            result = None
            if not request.debug and request.db and self._get_debug_mode():
                result = self._build_debug_response()
            return result or super(Home, self).web_client(s_action, **kw)
        def _get_debug_mode(self):
            config = request.env['development_tools.config.settings']
            debug = config.get_debug_mode()
            return debug == True
        def _build_debug_response(self):
            result = None
                query = request.params
                query.update({'debug': u''})
                url = '/web?' + werkzeug.url_encode(query)
                result = redirect_with_hash(url)
            except Exception as ex:
            return result
        _debug_message = _(u'Auto-redirect to enter in debug mode')
        _error_response = _(
            u'The debug response could not be built.\n'
            u'System has said: {}'

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