When I use the command : ionic cordova build android here is what I get :

cp: copyFileSync: could not write to dest file (code=ENOENT):/Users/mehdigriche/work/cam1/test/platforms/android/res/xml/config.xml

Parsing /Users/mehdigriche/work/cam1/test/platforms/android/res/xml/config.xml failed (node:2306) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection (rejection id: 1): Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/Users/mehdigriche/work/cam1/test/platforms/android/res/xml/config.xml'

[10:50:14] lint finished i


Add this hook to cordova project: patch-android-studio-check.js

  1. Put the file patch-android-studio-check.js in the directory hooks of your project

  2. Add the following lines to the config.xml of your project:

    <platform name="android">
        <hook src="hooks/patch-android-studio-check.js" type="before_plugin_install" />
        <hook src="hooks/patch-android-studio-check.js" type="before_plugin_add" />
        <hook src="hooks/patch-android-studio-check.js" type="before_build" />
        <hook src="hooks/patch-android-studio-check.js" type="before_run" />
        <hook src="hooks/patch-android-studio-check.js" type="before_plugin_rm" />
  3. Delete the plugins directory:

    rm -rf plugins
  4. Reinstall the plugins:

    ionic build
  5. Reinstall the platform android:

    cordova platform rm android
    cordova platform add android@latest

Your command: ionic cordova build androird is wrong
I think you means: ionic cordova build android

But try also: ionic cordova build --release android

I had the same error, after 2 days of debugging I found a solution for me:

in the directory: platforms/android/cordova I updated in the file Api.js the locations object, because the path are not correct.

current locations object look like this in my Api.js:

    this.locations = {
    root: self.root,
    www: path.join(self.root, 'assets/www'),
    res: path.join(self.root, 'res'),
    platformWww: path.join(self.root, 'platform_www'),
    configXml: path.join(self.root, 'app/src/main/res/xml/config.xml'),
    defaultConfigXml: path.join(self.root, 'cordova/defaults.xml'),
    strings: path.join(self.root, 'app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml'),
    manifest: path.join(self.root, 'app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml'),
    build: path.join(self.root, 'build'),
    javaSrc: path.join(self.root, 'app/src/main/java/'),
    // NOTE: Due to platformApi spec we need to return relative paths here
    cordovaJs: 'bin/templates/project/assets/www/cordova.js',
    cordovaJsSrc: 'cordova-js-src'

After these change I was able to build my app. I had also errors because of plugins like cordova-sqlite-storage so I removed it and build the app.

I hope it helps

  • i've tried that but with no success sorry to not mention that everything was ok when i build with ionic 1 everything goes well but when i use ionic 3 it gives me this also this problem is in the platforms folder when i use another folder from an ionic 1 project it fixed Dec 29 '17 at 16:48

To solve this problem

cp: copyFileSync: could not write to dest file (code=ENOENT):/Users/mehdigriche/work/cam1/test/platforms/android/res/xml/config.xml

Create a folder named xml in platforms/android/res


Apparently, some files are not generated correctly when adding android +7 so, I solved this problem by the following:

Firstly remove your platform,

ionic cordova platform rm android

then reinstall a lower version (6.3 worked for me )

ionic cordova platform add android@6.3.0
  • 1
    @Vivek Android 7+ broke a lot of things, so it's easier to roll back to 6.4.0 for now if your pressed for time and can't find alternative plugins.
    – Trevor
    Jun 28 '18 at 20:10

I have faced the same issue this morning and my (rather drastic) solution was this:

  1. Remove the platform:
ionic cordova platform rm android
  1. Delete the following folders from your app folder: platforms,plugins & www
  2. Make sure your dependencies are available by running: npm install
  3. Add back the platform, this step will recreate the folders deleted in step 2 above:
ionic cordova platform add android
  1. Finally, build your app:
ionic cordova build android
  • 4
    I would keep the "www" folder when you're doing this reset! You may have important asset files in there. :)
    – xke
    Mar 12 '18 at 4:48
  • 4
    They already present in src folder so no need to worry about that although deleting www will not have any effect @xke Apr 8 '18 at 16:58
  • That depends on your Ionic version - for Ionic v1 projects, you shouldn't delete the 'www' folder!
    – kolli
    Jun 8 '18 at 16:50

Note on dtmp's Answer, using the hooks directory seems to be deprecated. Using 'scripts' directory instead might be more appropriate.

When trying to make a build using ionic 2, using a 'hooks' directory lead to the hook js not being found.


Assuming the


part is just a typo here.

Check this out: https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic/issues/13702

It is a known issue and not fixed yet!


If you are like me trying to overcome same issue and try all the way written as solution but not. Try this solution;

  1. Open your project folder's project.json file.
  2. Add this "android-versions" : "1.3.0" dependency.
  3. Run npm i.
  4. Run command sudo ionic cordova run android

Happy coding!

ionic cordova rm platform android

remove the www and plugins folder

npm cache clean
npm install audit fix
ionic cordova build  android

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