i have little experience with jest as i am trying to change variable in my function as we expect to have error thrown if the function's inner variable(baseUrl) changed to null

my function :


  export function buildUrl(contentId, data, options = {}) {
  let baseUrl = config.has('imgBaseUrl') && config.get('imgBaseUrl');
  if (!baseUrl) {
    throw new Error('some error');

i need to mock the baseUrl to value of null for example and test it


import {buildUrl} from "./buildURL";
 it('throw an error when "baseUrl" is not configured', () => {

   let mockBaseUrl = {baseUrl: null};
   jest.mock('./buildURL', ()=> mockBaseUrl);
   // jest.mock('../../../config/test', ()=>mockImgBaseUrl); // or mock the config to be used by the function?

   expect(()=> buildUrl('1.44444', data[0], defaultOptions)).toThrow(
     'some error'

another approach using jest.fn() didnt work as expected , maybe i am missing something here...


I think you can do this:

jest.mock('./buildURL', () => {buildUrl: jest.fn()})

buildUrl.mockImplementation(() => {baseUrl: null})

See Jest docs

  • thank you Max. but still not working , i am considering using mocha rewire if there is no jest's native rewire – toufek khoury Dec 31 '17 at 14:45

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