I want to curl a url through REST call. The call requires a authorization header to be sent along with it. The authorization header contains a !(apostrophe) character in it. when I send it it throws the following error.

-bash: !FeTSs: event not found

curl -H "X-Med-Authorization:3b7N/FNDcEVX&v09n8O6jeUz9l!FeTSs;cSf3wz/mDsvzKGX" -X GET

I searched out there are answer to escape special characters in post data but not in headers.

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I came across this problem myself and got fairly frustrated trying to find a solution until I discovered that backslashing the offending characters is good enough!


curl -H "X-Med-Authorization:3b7N/FNDcEVX&v09n8O6jeUz9l!FeTSs;cSf3wz/mDsvzKGX" -X GET

Just needs to become:

curl -H "X-Med-Authorization:3b7N/FNDcEVX&v09n8O6jeUz9l\!FeTSs;cSf3wz/mDsvzKGX" -X GET

You can check that the correct header is being sent by viewing the output when cURL is run with the --verbose flag. In that I see:

> X-Med-Authorization:3b7N/FNDcEVX&v09n8O6jeUz9l!FeTSs;cSf3wz/mDsvzKGX

No backslash. Boom. I suspect you've found a solution to this by now but hopefully this helps someone down the line.


You can use $'' form to pass arguments as-is. E.g.

curl -H $'appCookie=x-Abc!123' http://localhost

Ref: wiki.bash-hackers.org and www.gnu.org


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