Is there a method in Dart like the String.join() method in Java & c#?


nums: ["20",  "3005",  "2"]


nums = "2030052"

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join is a method of the List class, rather than String:

List<String> yourList = ["20", "3005", "2"];

// To test that the above the above
yourList.join() == '2030052';     // true
yourList.join(',') == '20,3005,2'; // true, with "," delimiter
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  • @zerkms yes this do the job and return a String Mar 23, 2020 at 18:44
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This might not be the best solution, but you can reduce a collection to a single value by iteratively combining elements of the collection using the reduce method in Dart Lists.

String nums = numsList.reduce((value, element) => value + ',' + element);

You have to remember that, the iterable must have at least one element. If it has only one element, that element is returned.


In my case I had to convert into flat string. So this is the way I found;

List<String> tags = ["#heyy", "@newday", "#newpp"];

print(tags.join(' ')); // "#heyy @newday #newpp"
List<String> onlyString=[];
for(int i=0; i < onlyString.length; i++){
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