Using Jenkins 2.7.x I am trying to configure the Role based Strategy Plugin, but facing some issue.

Scenario is, there are 2 teams products I & P each can have Dev, Admin & Lead.

So created 6 LDAP (project) roles & one CI_Admin global role.

enter image description here

and assigned these roles to LDAP user group

enter image description here

Now when the admin logs in he gets error

enter image description here

What am i missing ?

  • I've experienced something/somehow similiar because of nested Active Directory (AD) groups. During research I found JENKINS-37858. Maybe this is also releated to it. – U880D Apr 10 '18 at 14:26

I can see that in global roles in (Fig 3 Highlighted in the below image) read permission is missing. so to login to Jenkins user/group should have read permission.


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