Last night I attempted to create a PWA using the latest aurelia-cli (version 0.32.0). I created a custom setup with au new that uses Webpack and TypeScript.

After that I followed the Workbox with Webpack instructions from Google.

  • npm install workbox-cli --saveDev
  • npm install workbox-webpack-plugin --saveDev
    • service worker is running
    • offline fails doesn't find webpack-dev-server.js (not in dist), app.xxx.bundle.js and vendor.asdf.js are not in the generated sw.js even though in dist folder
    • au run --watch infinite compiling loop

My code is in my Github branch, but by following these steps you should be able to reproduce it.

Am I placing the WorkboxPlugin in the webpack.config.js in the wrong place?

How do I get the offline with the service worker working?


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