I have a huge hash containing about 10 years worth of daily statistical data. Is there is a way in Perl 6 to determine how much real memory (in bytes) this hash is using (e.g. showMemoryUsed(%myBigHash)). Even if %myBigHash is empty, it is not zero bytes because of the memory used and the Perl 6 implementation of the hash data type. This info will tell me if I need to re-implement my codes or periodically write out to file to alleviate RAM shortage (my program is running on a virtualized Linux with 2G RAM).


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Alas, we don't have a thing like that in Rakudo Perl 6 yet. The only thing I can recommend, is using the Telemetry module:

use Telemetry;
my $before = T<max-rss>;
my %h = ...; # initialize hash
say "Memory usage grew { T<max-rss> - $before } KB";

Check out the Telemetry documentation for more information: https://docs.perl6.org/type/Telemetry

  • Thank you Elizabeth Mattijsen for your clarification !! I will check out Telemetry module. – lisprogtor Dec 30 '17 at 5:14

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