I can interpolate a variable into a string to print the value with other text like this:

a = "sheriff";
println("Howdy, I'm the $a.")

Howdy, I'm the sheriff.

I need the syntax for interpolating an array element, I'm currently getting this:

A = ["carb", "sheriff", "mumchance"]
println("Howdy, I'm the $A[2].")

Howdy, I'm the String["carb", "sheriff", "mumchance"][2].

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I'm posting this Q/A because I spent too much time looking for this.

println("Howdy, I'm the $(A[2]).")

String interpolation in Julia is similar to unix shells. You can interpolate expressions by wrapping them in parentheses.

Julia Documentation: Strings/Interpolation

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    Thanks, also looked far too long before coming across this answer. It's worth noting that this also works for something like println("Howdy, I'm the $(A["key"]).") when dealing with dictionaries.
    – jarthur
    Jun 16, 2020 at 5:51

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