I'm running a clean install of VS Enterprise 15.5 and have just disabled R# to see what VS is actually capable of lately (and I was tired of it being so slow).

We do lots of work with ASPNet Core cshtml files. I noticed there are no quick actions when editing the razor file. For example:

enter image description here

The editor can see that a @using tag is unnecessary, but there is no quick action (lightbulb) to suggest that it be removed.

Same with a class that is referenced below (Notification), there is no quick action to suggest that a @using tag be added.

In normal .cs files these actions work nicely, and I am a bit surprised not to see this in razor files. Is something not setup correctly?

Resharper had these suggestions and I figured that VS would as well, but perhaps I am wrong?


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A new Razor editor in Visual Studio with support for quick actions (Ctrl+.) is under development. The image below shows you how to enable the preview for this feature:


You can read more here:



Are there no quick actions when editing razor (cshtml) files?

Nothing build in for VS-2015 or VS-2017. Although if you just add a web.config and namespaces you don't need any using statements in razor files.

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