A file maps.json is created and is used in the following JavaScript

function findSelectedMap(mapID, cb) {
   $.getJSON('maps.json', function(json) { 
    json.forEach(function(entry) {
      if (entry.maps.id == mapID) {
        changeLayerTo = entry.maps.url;
        maxZoom = entry.maps.zoom;

It works fine when called from the top level http://localhost:3000/overview with mapId being

mapID = $("#select-overlay input[type='radio']:checked").val();

But when called from http://localhost:3000/streets/45, the error is http://localhost:3000/streets/streets/maps.json 404 (Not Found). I tried get 'streets/maps.json' => 'maps.json' and similar in routes.Redondo Beach without success. I suppose I could force maps.json to be in streets and do a if exists (whatever the jS is), but that seems to cumbersome. Is there a way around this?


You can add the slash to the beginning of the endpoint to let browser know your URL starting from base URL

$.getJSON('/maps.json', function(json) {
  // rest of logic
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  • Thank you. I knew it had to be simple. But still didn't think of that. – Greg Dec 31 '17 at 17:46

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