I have these query parameters:

  'q' => "iphone",
  'echoParams' => "explicit",
  'defType' =>'edismax',
  'fl' => 'name,category,score',
  'qf' =>'name_suggest_edge^50 name_suggest_exact^50  name_suggest_ngram',
  'pf' =>'name_suggest_edge^100 '

How can I limit the search to the docs that have the field value category:phones

An other question: is there a way to know which fields q was matched onname_suggest_edge name_suggest_exact name_suggest_ngram when the results are returned.

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Look at the output from debugQuery - it'll tell you exactly what fields contributed to the score of the document. Remember that multiple fields can match, so you'll have to prioritise.

You can also use highlighting to achieve something similar - it'll highlight tokens in those fields that matched your query.

  • I was using this q=iphone category:phones where it should be q=iphone +category:phones. operator was missing. thank you. Jan 1, 2018 at 12:37

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