Currently, I'm trying to move away from mySQLi procedural to object oriented style. So, I passed an object to a php file via the Jquery Post() function. Below:

JS file

var newemployer = {
            newcompanyname: newcompanyname,
    var employerdata = JSON.stringify(newemployer);
    console.log("in jquery: " + employerdata);
        $.post('api/employerprocess.php', {employerdata:employerdata}, function(data){

On the PHP side: I have this:

$employerdata = $_POST['employerdata'];

$data = json_decode($employerdata, true);

I can access the object in the above, but I can't seem to get access to the values in the object using the -> operator.

$accessed = $data->newemployeremail;
echo $data->newemployeremail;
echo $accessed;
echo 'Hi';

The $accessed variable, var_dump, the echoing of the object each yield this error, last two statements have a NULL at the end:

Trying to get property of non-object

I'd like to use the -> operator. I don't get it. Why can't I access the values in the object with the -> operator?

  • json_decode($employerdata, true); with true as second parameter, json_decode returns an array
    – vnt
    Dec 31 '17 at 17:26

true as a second argument to json_decode() means "returned objects will be converted into associative arrays". Hence you're receiving array, not an object.

You need to either pass false to second argument to receive object or access properties using array syntax: $accessed = $data['newemployeremail'];


You are assigning the values as an associative array

$data = json_decode($employerdata, true); 
// the true param in json_decode mean that teh result is converted  in associative array  
echo $data['newemployeremail'];

so you have an array and not an object

then try assign the json decode without true eg:

$data = json_decode($employerdata);
echo $data->newemployeremail; 

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