In my reducer, suppose originally I have this state:

    "loading": false,
    "data": {
        "-L1LwSwW97KkwdSnYvsc": {
            "likeCount": 10,
            "liked": false,    // I want to update this property
            "commentCount": 5
        "-L1EY2_fqzn7sM1Mbf_F": {
            "likeCount": 8,
            "liked": true,
            "commentCount": 22

Now, I want to update liked property inside -L1LwSwW97KkwdSnYvsc object, which is inside data object and make it true. This is what I've been trying, but apparently, it's wrong, because after I've updated the state, the componentWillReceiveProps function inside a component that listens to the state change does not get triggered:

var { data } = state;
data['-L1LwSwW97KkwdSnYvsc'].liked = !data['-L1LwSwW97KkwdSnYvsc'].liked;

return { ...state, data };

Could you please specify why it's wrong and how I should change it to make it work?


You're mutating state! When you destructure:

var { data } = state;

It's the same as:

var data = state.data;

So when you do:

data[…].liked = !data[…].liked

You're still modifying state.data which is in turn mutating state. That's never good - use some nested spread syntax:

return { 
  data: {
    '-L1LwSwW97KkwdSnYvsc': {
      liked: !state.data['-L1LwSwW97KkwdSnYvsc'].liked

Using spread operator is good until you start working with deeply nested state and/or arrays(remember spread operator does a shallow copy only).

I would rather recommend you starting working with immutability-helper instead. It is a React recommendation and it will let your code more readable and bug free.


  import update from "immutability-helper";


  const toggleLike = !state.data["-L1LwSwW97KkwdSnYvsc"].liked
  return update(state, {
    data: {
      "-L1LwSwW97KkwdSnYvsc": {
        like: {
          $set: toggleLike
  • I was looking for this but I couldn't seem to find it. It looks like it was moved to a different package. +1 – Andrew Li Jan 1 '18 at 0:17
  • React used to have an react-addons-update add-on, they deprecated it and started recommending this repo. (link reactjs.org/docs/update.html) – Cleiton Jan 1 '18 at 0:20

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