Am trying to read and update some MS Excel (xlsx) files with Perl 6. What are the modules that I should be downloading?

I do see a Perl 6 writer by googling:


Is this the one to use for writing?

I don't see any module that is Perl 6 specific for reading in XLSX. Is there some module for reading too?


The short answer is no; there aren't currently any XLSX reading modules in Perl 6 (at least not that I know of).

However, do you really need to be using an XLSX format? If you could switch to using tab-delimited or csv-formatted files, I'd recommend that. I'm surprised by how often complicated formats are used for very simple data.

But if you must use XLSX, then I'd recommend using Perl 5 with one of its well known and well tested modules.

But if you must use Perl 6, then here's what little I know:

  1. For writing files, the XLSX::Writer Perl 6 module that you mention is "a wrapper for the libxlsxwriter C library", which just writes XLSX files, but cannot read them.

  2. For reading files

    a. You might try using XLSX Perl 5 modules via Inline::Perl5.

    b. You could try creating a Perl 6 wrapper for a C or C++ library such as XLSX I/O or xlnt.

If you come across or create a Perl 6 module that reads XLSX files, please post that information as an answer to your own question and notify me via a comment.

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    For CSV formatted files, there's Text::CSV in a native Perl 6 version. – Elizabeth Mattijsen Jan 1 '18 at 16:29

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