I'm trying to create a RecyclerView.Adapter with the following:

View holders - Provided the abstract parent and one son

abstract class BaseSettingsViewHolder<T>(var viewDataBinding : 
ViewDataBinding) : RecyclerView.ViewHolder(viewDataBinding.root) {

   abstract fun onBind(data: T, presenter: ISettingsPresenter, position: Int)

class SettingsTitleViewHolder(viewDataBinding: ViewDataBinding) : BaseSettingsViewHolder<TitleData>(viewDataBinding) {

    override fun onBind(data: TitleData, presenter: ISettingsPresenter, position: Int) {
        viewDataBinding.setVariable(BR.titleData, data)
        viewDataBinding.setVariable(BR.itemPosition, position)
        viewDataBinding.setVariable(BR.settingsPresenter, presenter)


And when trying to declare the adapter:

class SettingsAdapter(var context: Context, var presenter: ISettingsPresenter) : RecyclerView.Adapter<BaseSettingsViewHolder>() {

I'm getting "One type argument expected for class" compile error on the:


Appreciate the help!


1- If you use always SettingTitleViewHolder;


2- If you want to use any class which extended BaseSettingViewHolder;


3- Use Any Object Type


4- Use extended type parameter for adapter class

class SettingsMenuAdapter<T:BaseSettingViewHolder<*>>:RecyclerView.Adapter<T>

5- Define out for abstract class type parameter.

abstract class BaseSettingsViewHolder<out T>

7- Read that article => "Generics in Kotlin" ;)

  • You must have TitleData extend from RecyclerView Adapter ViewHolder. – Kaloglu Jan 8 '18 at 16:30

You should specify the type argument for the BaseSettingsViewHolder in the RecyclerView.Adapter<BaseSettingsViewHolder> type.

Kotlin, unlike Java, does not have the raw types, so you cannot simply omit the type arguments.

The closest concept to raw types is star-projected types: use BaseSettingsViewHolder<*> in RecyclerView.Adapter<BaseSettingsViewHolder<*>>, this will mean that the type argument for BaseSettingsViewHolder is unknown.

  • thanks for the quick answer but I already tried and it gives me an error while calling holder.onBind(dataList[position], presenter, position) in the onBindViewHolder. I'm getting Out-projected type 'BaseSettingsViewHolder<*>' prohibits the use of 'public abstract fun onBind(data: T, presenter: ISettingsPresenter, position: Int): Unit defined in BaseSettingsViewHolder' – Udi Oshi Jan 1 '18 at 16:19
  • Can you provide some concrete type, then? RecyclerView.Adapter<BaseSettingsViewHolder<SomeType>> – hotkey Jan 1 '18 at 16:58

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