There are two issues here regarding MySQL Workbench.

Is there a way to update an existing EER diagram with newly created DB tables, so that the EER diagrams automatically reflects the new tables AND their relationships.


Is there a way to auto create the relationships between the table while creating a new EER diagram from an existing database?

I have about 70 tables in an existing database. So creating the relationship links between every table might be quite time consuming and not very productive.

If none of the above is possible, is there any tool out there which would allow me to create an EER diagram with all the relationship paths in place with in the diagram from an existing database.


Use the designer feature of phpmyadmin (version 2.10.0 or newer). It automatically does what you want.

Although my MySql-workbench does automatically creates relationship.

If you can upload the db-dump it would be helpful.

Are you using innodb or MyIASM?


If you already have the relationship in your database : the simple way is to export the creation script with mysqldump.exe. Then in "MySQL Workbench", use the menu File/Import/Reverse Engineer Mysql Create Script.

The command to execute with mysqldump.exe to export just the structure is : mysqldump -d -uroot -pmypassword databasename > dump.sql

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    I tried your suggestion. MySQL Workbench imports all tables and places the objects in the diagram but still no relationship connections between the objects within the EER diagram. Yes, I do have an existing database with 70 tables, foreign key constraints and index keys. – andthereitgoes Jan 28 '11 at 11:04
  • Not sure; but may be I am missing some setting in MySQL Workbench itself? I am using 5.2.25 CE Revision 6303. – andthereitgoes Jan 28 '11 at 11:13

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