$('form').serialize() will generate something like a=1&b=2,but what I want to get is {a:1,b:2}.

How to do this?

Further more,is it possible to do this kind of job to arbitrary container like div?


jQuery doesn't support this. You'll have to use JSON.stringify, which is supported in some modern browsers, but for support in older browsers, you have to include the json2 library as a <script>

You could then have something like:

(function ($) {

    jQuery.fn.jsonSerialize = function () {
        var obj = {};
        var form = this[0];

        if (form.tagName !== "FORM") {
            return "";

        $(form.elements).each(function () {
            obj[this.name] = $(this).val();

        return JSON.stringify(obj);


Then use as follows:

var stringified = $('#yourForm').jsonSerialize();

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