I want to open extensions in browser tab as a normal html page so that I can automate it using selenium WebDriver. In firefox this can be done using link like this - moz-extension://f1b30486-cd88-4319-bbb5-d5e387103414/popup.html.

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But the problem is that I am not finding a way in Firefox by which I can locate the id for all extensions**. The id used above is obtained when the extension is installed and a page with url moz-extension://f1b30486-cd88-4319-bbb5-d5e387103414/congratulations.html is loaded like a welcome page.

Is there any way in Firefox to get the add-on id or get urls like above for all extensions.

  • Can you access about:debugging? – evilpie Jan 3 '18 at 18:30
  • Yes I can ... Did not find it there . – Sighil Jan 4 '18 at 5:37
  • Really? Did you reinstall the extension maybe? The UUID after moz-extension:// should match one of the extensions "Internal UUID" entries. – evilpie Jan 4 '18 at 15:59

Open about:memory. Click "measure" in Show memory reports. In the Main Process section, scroll down to Other Measurements. There you will find the installed (active) extensions with their names and their ids displayed as baseURL=moz-extension://[random-ids].

This method works for both Firefox and Firefox for Android. Note that only enabled extensions are shown.

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