In Scala, val are the variables which can't be modified, ie their reassignment is not allowed.but in following code, I can reassign val,though it is reassigned to same object(it's a mutable map):

val treasureMap = Map[Int, String]()
treasureMap += (1 -> "Go to island.")
treasureMap += (2 -> "Find big X on ground.")
treasureMap += (3 -> "Dig.")

So it gives impression that val can be reassigned to same object but not to another object.


val str1 = "Hi"
val str2 = "Hi"

Output of this code is true,meaning only one instance of a string literal is there.

Going by all this behaviour, why following code gives compilation error when I try to reassign str1 to same object:

str1 = "Hi"

Here, I am assigning str1 back to very same object it initially referred to.

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Idea behind val is to protect re-assigning the value.


scala> val data = 100
data: Int = 100

scala> data = 200
<console>:13: error: reassignment to val
       data = 200

Since scala also have mutable collections, like the mutable.Map you are using in example it lets you mutate the data but not the re-assignment.

scala> val treasureMap = scala.collection.mutable.Map[Int, String]()
treasureMap: scala.collection.mutable.Map[Int,String] = Map()

scala> treasureMap += (1 -> "Go to island.")
res65: treasureMap.type = Map(1 -> Go to island.)

try re-assigning now, which won't let you do that because your variable is val

scala> treasureMap = scala.collection.mutable.Map[Int, String]()
<console>:13: error: reassignment to val
       treasureMap = scala.collection.mutable.Map[Int, String]()

Same with any data structure.

scala> val str1 = "some string"
str1: String = some string

scala> str1 = "some another string"
<console>:13: error: reassignment to val
       str1 = "some another string"

when you assign a Map (or a collection in general) you are assigning a label to the entry point of the collection (to put it simply).

So when you write

treasureMap += (1 -> "Go to island.")

you are not assigning anything new to treasuremap, you are just adding an element to the same Map, and the "label refers to the same entry point.


val str1 = "Hi"
val str2 = "Hi"

they are two string values wrapping java strings, hence the unexpected behavior. You may check this answer == and eq Operators for clarification

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