I tried to use Scalaz(7.2.18) to validate data. I tried following code:

    def hasDob: ValidationNel[AdtError, String] =

    def hasAdmitDt: ValidationNel[AdtError, Timestamp] =
      enc.admitDT.map(_.success).getOrElse( MissingAdmitDate(enc).failureNel )

    def hasTimezone: Validation[AdtError, DateTimeZone] =
      fac.timezone.map(_.success).getOrElse( UndefinedTimezone(fac).failureNel )

    (hasDob |@| hasAdmitDt |@| hasTimezone) { (dob, admitTime, facilityTz) => ... }

    case class MissingDateOfBirth(enc: EncAdt)
      extends AdtError { def logString = s"Txn ID: ${enc.transactionID}  Missing DOB: ${enc.accountNumber}" }

    case class MissingAdmitDate(enc: EncAdt)
      extends AdtError { def logString = s"Txn ID: ${enc.transactionID}  Missing Admit Date: ${enc.accountNumber}" }


case class EncAdt(transactionID: Long,
     dob: Option[String],
     admitDT: Option[Timestamp],

case class Hl7Facility(
  timezone: Option[DateTimeZone],


But above code is throwing compile-time error:

Type mismatch: Validation[Nothing, String], actual: scalaz.ValidationNel[MissingDateOfBirth, Nothing]
Type mismatch: Validation[Nothing, String], actual: scalaz.ValidationNel[MissingAdmitDate, Nothing]
Type mismatch: Validation[Nothing, String], actual: scalaz.ValidationNel[UndefinedTimezone, Nothing]

What am I doing wrong here? Any solution for above issue is highly appreciable.

  • Could you also show signature of your enc? For example what type hsa admitDT and which success is called in the map and which getOrElse is called later? – SergGr Jan 2 '18 at 10:11
  • I've updated the question with enc and fac signature – Sujit Baniya Jan 2 '18 at 10:26

Unfortunately NonEmptyList[A] is invariant so you can't upcast NonEmptyList[MissingAdmitDate] to NonEmptyList[AdtError]. So the code that compiles directly should probably look like this:

def hasAdmitDt: ValidationNel[AdtError, Timestamp] = {

This doesn't look nice but I don't see a way to make Scala compiler infer generics the way you need it in this form. However you can create your own custom methods instead of successNel and failureNel.

I mean something like this:

object AdtValidation {

  type AdtValidation[A] = ValidationNel[AdtError, A]

  implicit class AdtValidationSuccess[A](val value: A) extends AnyVal {
    def successAdt: AdtValidation[A] = Validation.success[NonEmptyList[AdtError], A](value)

  implicit class AdtValidationFailure(val value: AdtError) extends AnyVal {
    def failureAdt[A]: AdtValidation[A] = Validation.failureNel[AdtError, A](value)

and then you can do something like this:

import AdtValidation._
def hasAdmitDt: AdtValidation[Timestamp] = {

But then, if you go this way anyway, you may also add something like this

object AdtValidation {

  type AdtValidation[A] = ValidationNel[AdtError, A]

  implicit class AdtValidationOptionOps[A](val value: Option[A]) extends AnyVal {
    def validateNonEmpty(emptyError: => AdtError): AdtValidation[A] = value.map(_.success[NonEmptyList[AdtError]]).getOrElse(Validation.failureNel[AdtError, A](emptyError))

so that you can do

def hasAdmitDt: AdtValidation[Timestamp] = {

P.S. it looks suspicious that in your code sample inside hasDob you fail with MissingAdmitDate rather than something like MissingDob

  • Great! Above worked perfectly for the case I'd mentioned. I've other issues while I tried to implement fold. If you could help me out on those issues as well. enc.admitDT.fold[ValidationNel[AdtError, String \/ Int]]( MissingAdmitDate(enc).failureNel ) Here the issue is: fold doesn't take type parameter – Sujit Baniya Jan 3 '18 at 11:33
  • @Sujit, sorry but I don't understand your question. admitDT is Option[Timestamp] and there is no fold with one parameter on Option not to mention other inconsistencies in your example. The closest guess I have is that you actually need something like this enc.admitDT.fold[AdtValidation[String \/ Int]](MissingAdmitDate(enc).failureAdt)((t: Timestamp) => -\/(t.toString).successAdt). If this is not what you really want, you probably should create another question where you can put your real example and its description in words. – SergGr Jan 3 '18 at 12:37
  • I've added another question for some clarification: stackoverflow.com/questions/48088505/… – Sujit Baniya Jan 4 '18 at 4:05

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