I want to select rows from the datetime now till 7 days in the future, how can I do this? Read alot about the date function of mysql but cant figure it out, this is the MySQL code:

SELECT  id, date_format(datum, '%d/%m') AS date,
        date_format(datum, '%H:%i') AS time, date  
FROM wedstrijden
WHERE date >= now()
ORDER BY datum asc 

I have to do something with:

date >= now() till 7 days further

I would submit that the most elegant way would be:


Edit: this doc page is like the most useful thing ever. Bookmark it, because it is totally handy.

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You could use the INTERVAL modifier to add a week to the current time as follows:

...WHERE date >= NOW() AND date <= NOW() + INTERVAL 7 DAY;
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  • This is the right answer with Tehshrike method I receive mysql_error because it is not BETWEEN NOW() AND DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL 7 DAYS) but BETWEEN NOW() AND DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL 7 DAY) days =day – Frank Jan 26 '11 at 16:49

What i use to get all the data from 7 days back till now from the database:

SELECT * FROM wedstrijden WHERE DATE(date_from_table) > CURDATE() + INTERVAL 7 DAY

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Something like:

"...WHERE date >= NOW() AND date <= ADDTIME(NOW(), 168:00:00)..."

should accomplish what you're looking for. The 168:00:00 is a bit specific for your needs, ADDTIME takes any datetime format.

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I am also posting the query which worked for me

where matchdate BETWEEN CURDATE() AND DATE_ADD(CURDATE(),INTERVAL 7 DAY) This worked if above example doesn't work then try this.

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